Hi friend! I'm Melissa Benson, the creative behind Raw Sugar Writes. You can pretty much sum up this Arizona girl in three words: Jesus, coffee and top knots. Okay, maybe I'm a little more complicated than that. Alright, my husband says I'm a lot more complicated than that. But you get the idea. My tattooed, bearded man of 10 plus years and our three energetic offspring are another big part of me. And we are all incredibly thankful you stopped by today to check things out.

Raw Sugar Writes began in October 2015 and our online shop opened in November 2016. Up to that point, my only experience with calligraphy was the small taste I got in a high school art class (way too many moons ago). This whole thing has been a self-taught, learn-as-I-go experience. And has quickly evolved into a passion and desire to minister to sisters who often find themselves overworked and exhausted like me. A place we really don't have to operate in.

The name 'Raw Sugar' was a little gift from the Holy Spirit. It sums up, in part, how I want to live my life. How I want to be found. Raw, real and authentic and making things sweeter around me because of His presence. The 'Writes' part encompasses not only my calligraphy but my deep love for writing. My personal hope is that soon-and-very-soon, the Blog will become just as much of a part of what I do as the hand-lettering.

Truth be told, if this shop was brick and mortar, I'd hug you when you walked in the door, hand you a cup of coffee and tell you to pull up a chair. I hope as you browse through this website, you'll feel welcomed, encouraged and inspired. And just as if we were able to chat over that hot cup of coffee, in the days ahead we'll get to know each other even better.